Rip Wheeler Yellowstone- Guide to Achieving His Iconic, Badass Look

Written by hutaree

Inside this post, we'll explore the Rip Wheeler character on the hit tv show Yellowstone along with how to achieve his iconic look. 

Rip Wheeler is one of the leading characters on the hit television show from Yellowstone from the Paramount network.

Inside this post, we'll explore Rip's iconic, masculine look and how you can replicate his style

Who is Rip Wheeler Played By?

Rip Wheeler is the character played by Cole Hauser and is a fan favorite because in the show he's the muscle and the force along with the masculine look which we'll go over in this guide.

In his personal life, he's married to Cynthia Daniel and is best know for her role in Sweet Valley High along with her twin sister.

Rip's Cowboy Hat 

Part of Rip's look is attributed to his cowboy hat.
These area good alternatives for the cowboy hat.


Rip Wheeler's jacket is a key part in his look.

It's a thick, rugged, and masculine looking jacket that can be difficult to find but we'll show you some good options.


No cowboy outfit is complete without the boots.

Rip wears tall black boots that help

What Sunglasses Does Rip Wear?

Rip is rarely seen without his sunglasses on and for good reason.

Sunglasses are a great way to add some mystery and edge to your look.

Rip Wheeler's style is the perfect blend of rugged and stylish. With a few key pieces, you can easily replicate his look.  We recommend the following to pull of the Rip look.

Rip's Beard

Rip sports a full beard look but dies it black. 

Part of the reason behind this was revealed in an interview where he revealed that he and Beth Dutton both are ginger, so they opted to die his hair and beard dark black which created that bad ass look.

Final Thoughts 

Rip Wheeler is the perfect example of a modern cowboy. His style is rugged, masculine, and mysterious. If you're looking to add some


Is Rip Wheeler a Dutton?

No, he's married to Beth played by Kelly Reilly - the daughter of John Dutton and works as a ranch hand for the Yellowstone Dutton ranch.

Where can I watch Yellowstone?

It's on the Paramount network and can be watched through the Paramount plus app.